Friday, 1 January 2010

This time last year.....

Happy New Year to all..........
I thought that I would share with you my great adventure that I was lucky enough to embark on this time last year and take a look back every day for the next month or so at the stunning places I visited and the amazing things that I did whilst I was there. It all started on December 29th 2009 when I boarded a train from Exeter bound for Heathrow... all by myself!!! Aghhh...... On arrival I boarded a flight to Hong Kong and then onto Auckland, New Zealand, arriving at 1pm on New years eve... somewhere along the line I lost a day!!! Well.... 13 hours to be exact.
New Years day was spent visiting friends and walking along volcanic beaches in scorching hot temperatures.
Our first stop was at a bird sanctuary for cake, coffee and bird spotting!!

We then drove on to some friends for lunch... they live close to Graham's beach on the west coast with views over towards Auckland. We sat in the garden having lunch and relaxing.

...and then a stroll along Graham's beach..

.... followed by a drive through the hills to Wattle bay where the 'sand' is black iron volcanic sand.... extremely hot to walk on in bare feet! As you can see, hardly a soul to be seen... after taking a walk along a local beach today, which was heaving with families and dogs, I long for the long, long stretches of empty sand and the peaceful tranquility of New Zealand

This is a view from above the volcanic sand beach looking over towards the mountains and Auckland slightly over to the left... and yes, the water really is that colour!!!!

A trip to the lighthouse was followed by a BBQ tea of lamb steaks....

An amazing first day in New Zealand... the colours were stunning, the roads empty, the weather so warm and the people so friendly.
More tomorrow.....

Oh, and if you happen to see these two still wandering the streets, please can you point them in the right direction!!!
A very Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year is filled with many happy memories and great adventures.



Sal said...

A very Happy New Year!
A good friend of mine has just flown from Devon to N.Z for a holiday... and she is having a lovely time!
However, I don't think she will want to return as she is a NZ gal!
Lovely memories and lovely photos!

Serenata said...

A very happy New Year!

It's when I see the photos of NZ that it hits home how much I miss the place. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures.