Thursday, 1 October 2009

Poor Peas.....

I never realised how calm and creative life could be until this week when I have been car less.
On the one hand its been very relaxing and stress free, on the other, I am now going a little stir crazy after having been stuck at home for nearly a week... arghhhh!! Poor poor PEAS, she has has to have a new clutch AND a new gearbox... *sob* Poor poor purse too.... *sob sob* It looks like the new dishwasher that I was hoping to treat myself to is going to have to go back on the list yet again!!! Poor poor hands... it's not true what they say about Fairy you know.. my hands prove that!!!
However, every cloud has a silver lining, so they say, and in this case it's true. I have spent many a happy hour indulging in my jewellery making. You might remember that I am going to teach at some jewellery making workshops at the Bead Lagoon in Sidmouth? Well, the first of these is on Saturday.. I am so excited about it.. I just love teaching and inspiring people... bringing out their creativity and watching their confidence grow in new found skills.
I have also been asked to put some of my jewellery for sale in the shop, so I have been a busy bee making some new pieces.....
I love these lucite flowers, they are sooooo pretty... I bought these lovely beauties at Creative stitches in Exeter last week and have made this necklace and the scrumptious bracelet above... I can't decide which one I like best and I know that I am going to have a hard time leaving them behind at the shop as I love them both and wouldn't mind them for myself... looks like I'll just have to make some more!!
Sunday saw us stuck at home again on a beautifully sunny day and so we decided to set to and paint some more canvases like these as we have had so many lovely comments, oooooh's and ahhhhh's.. thinking Christmas?
So here are the girls, this time outside thankfully, having a splatting time! You would never believe the aching arms we all had the next day.. what a fun way to work out!!
As usual.. it looks like more paint ended up on us than on the canvases...
Bet this tickled when she cleaned them... hope she has :: mmmm :: note to self.. check Harriet's feet!!
Oh... and then it got really silly. Fortunately I am the one who writes this blog and chooses the photos, so there will be no embarrassing ones of me with war paint on too!!!!! Yes, I was persuaded to sport indian stripes... the one and ONLY time Harriet will ever get to paint my face in that way!! BUT those photos are under lock and key!
The paintings are not quite finished yet, we still need to add spots and glitter, so I will show you once they are spotted.. can you wait?
Monday saw us baking yummy chocolate brownies to send in a food parcel up to Josh.. I know, what a softy mum, but they are his favourite.. that and macaroni cheese, but I'm not sending that is a parcel up to Liverpool!! And lots more time making jewellery. Here's just a sneak at some of what I have done.
Some of these pieces will be wending their way to Pebbles as the jewellery that I have for sale there is going like hot cakes, and the rest will be for sale at the Torbay Food and Arts Festival on the 9th and 10th October. I would love to see you there if you are free... come and say 'hello'.

To end on a positive note... I have just heard that PEAS is ready for collection.. yippee, watch out devon, I'm back!


Pomona said...

Tell me how you pack your brownies! I thought of sending flapjacks, but thought they would just be crumbs by the time they got there!

The jewellery is beautiful, by the way.

Pomona x

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh poor Peas, hope she gets better soon. I love those necklaces/bracelets were they from the stand that sold those beautiful floral necklaces each one having name like 'victoria'?
To Pomona pack things quite tightly, cling flim then wrap in tin foil then find a tin or sturdy box that will take the parcel without too much packaging to save on postage. Heavy fruit cake like christmas cake travels well, I use to cook mixture in a loaf tin. I used to send christmas cake because my sons birthday is near christmas! It also freezes well so a batch can be made to send through out the year!

Jane said...

Ooh I love that bracelet Yvonne let me know how much it costs!!!
Have you ever seen Magpie and the Wardrobe's necklaces? I would really love one of those but they are too expensive ..hey could you make any similar??!
Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday.xXx. I think inspiring people is your 'gift' always have always will.

Helen said...

Beautiful, Jo your jewellery is beautiful, good luck with the teaching stuff!!

Esther said...

I want to see you in warpaint :)

Lucey said...

ooohhhh those earings are just so me in fact some of that jewellery will have to go onto my christmas list hun...Lucey x

re said...

Oh poor PEAS but I do love those lucite flowers