Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Time to say 'Goodbye'

So the day finally came, the one that every mother dreads, when your first born flies the nest to discover the world for themselves.......
It was the hardest day ever on Sunday when we drove Josh to Uni near Liverpool. My mothers instinct to protect, make everything perfect, care for, nurture and provide was working overtime.. probably to the point of Josh wanting me to go home as soon as possible and let him just get on!!
I was pleasantly surprised on arrival... the uni and his room were so much better than expected ... my mothers mind was put to rest!!!
The time to leave came around far too quickly, but knowing that we had at least a five hour journey home we couldn't hang around any longer. I have never felt such a wrench in my heart, that final act of letting go was definitely the most difficult... nothing quite prepares you for the pain that you feel... it's horrid.
What a privilege to have shared his life with him thus far..... so many happy, treasured memories. I am proud to be his mum and so very proud to call him my son.
Time now to wipe away the tears and replace them with a smile..... new beginnings for us both, new opportunities to embrace and new memories to be made.


Pomona said...

I'll be in the same position on Sunday - be brave for me, too! Do you think it gets easier with each one, or is it, as I suspect, even more difficult as each one leaves the nest?

Pomona x

KC'sCourt! said...

I been there, and have worn the Tshirt! Its something us mothers just have to do! They are on elastic I found though, because they come home with piles of washing!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Gosh I cant begin to imagine that far into the future! my two little girls are only small yet. But that said the youngest is just starting nursery and that been quite emotional (for me she went off with a hop and a skip! lol). Mind the past 5 and half have whizzed by so I am sure it will get faster. *gulp* I am sure I will be a right pain to my two clucking over them as they grow.:0)

Wishing your son the best of luck, its where all the fun and hard work starts!


Shropshire Suz said...

thinking of you..not easy had similar this year too...great when they come home though and want you all over again hehe